The number of Irish students taking part in the Erasmus exchange programme hits all time high. Credit: Hungary Today
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Irish Erasmus students hit an all time high

February 8, 2017

The number of Irish students going on Erasmus is at a record high with about 3,200 students going on the exchange programme each year whilst the country takes in about 6,300 from other European nations according to The Higher Education Authority.

Dipo Adebisi, the recently elected Ethnic Minorities officer, who will sit on Trinity's Students Union

Trinity SU elects ethnic minorities officer

February 8, 2017

Trinity College Dublin Student’s Union’s (TCDSU) council voted last week to elect an Ethics Minority Officer onto their executive. This position arose shorty after TCDSU President Kieran McNulty decided to utilise the structures and strength of the Union to ensure all students’ voices are heard.

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New Scheme to Benefit Leaving Cert Students

November 30, 2016

Around 1,000 students taking the Leaving Cert in 2017 will benefit from the recent changes made to the Reasonable Accommodation at the Certificate Examinations scheme.