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  • St. Patrick’s Campus received a record number of applications for primary teaching, according to recently released CAO figures.
  • aims to become the first Irish university to become completely ‘plastic-free’ by 2020, following the immediate removal of all plastic cups from all three campuses this week.
  • annual rent for Shanowen Square has increased by 27 per cent from last year.
  • new DCU scholarship program for people from disadvantaged backgrounds will “help a lot of people”, according to the DCU Senior Access Officer. Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Google Lorraine Twohill announced she will sponsor an endowed scholarship to DCU on March 9th. Twohill earned an Honours degree in
  • is going through a process of suspending accounts that they believe have stolen content from others in order to go viral or generate a larger following. Twitter are aiming to reduce spam on their website by monitoring accounts engaged in ‘tweetdecking’, the practice of mass re-tweeting posts on TweetDeck to




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Listen to The College View’s full range of Podcasts