Woman faces jail for attending GMIT

A woman who failed her first year examinations faces jail unless she complies with a court order preventing her from attending lectures in Galway Mayo Institute of Technology.

Despite failing, Anna Marie Flanagan, from Co. Offaly, began to attend second year lectures.

The woman, who failed her first year of a nursing course at Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT), faces jail unless she complies with the court order.

The High Court heard from GMIT lawyers that Ms. Flanagan, a mature student, began to attend second year lectures and classes despite failing to pass her first year examinations. She was no longer registered and was not permitted to be in the class.

The woman was asked to stop attending the college at Westport Road, Castlebar, Co. Mayo but continued to do so. Following Court proceedings Ms. Flanagan agreed to comply with the order granted by Ms Justice Mary Laffoy.

However the Court heard that the woman arrived again on four occasions this month and began attending third year lectures, offered as part of the nursing degree. Her presence was described as “quite disruptive” for other students.

Following this, GMIT brought a motion on the 20th of September seeking to have the woman brought before the court after failing to comply with the court order laid down.

Mr Justice Kevin Cross said he was satisfied to make an order directing Ms. Flanagan be arrested and brought before the Court after failing to stop attending the lectures and classes concerning the nursing degree.

Ms. Flanagan is expected to be brought before the Court in the coming days.

Gill Fitzsimons is our Deputy News Editor

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