Conan O’Brien made honorary Trinity patron

US chat show supremo, Conan O’Brien, was in Dublin last Thursday to receive an honorary degree from Trinity College Dublin (TCD). In his acceptance speech, the 49-year-old told how he had looked at the Facebook pages of Trinity students and wanted to party with them.

O’Brien claimed he knows what it’s like to be Irish, “like you, I bruise easily and have a tendency to blame others for my problems”.

O’Brien spoke about the Book of Kells saying “Trinity is coasting on a thousand-year-old book, if it was that good there would have been a sequel by now”.

Although his relations left Dungarvan in Waterford 150 years ago, O’Brien insists he is “100% Irish”.

O’Brien, who was once an episode writer with the Simpsons, brought his wife Liza Powel and their children, Beckett (8) and Neve (6) to see the city with him.
O’Brien stated that his comic philosophy was not to have one and that he never has a message behind his comedy. When asked by a girl to sum up his career in one word, he replied “unexpected”.

On his broadcasting style for his television show, O’Brien just tries to have fun, act like a cat and dance. O’Brien loves his life but admitted he misses being an unknown.

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