Review: Calvin Harris – 18 Months

Calvin Harris is back with album 18 Months following his 3 year departure. When I say back, I stray slightly from reality; he’s been blasting through nightclub speakers and radios alike for the past two summers. This album brings all those songs together, with more

If you don’t shy away from 48 oh’s (courtesy of the opener, “Green Valley”) for lack of lyrical content/ musical creativity, this album might be worth a spin. Harris delivers again on catchy, poppy dance tracks, his (seldom) solo track would sit well on either previous records

Harris’ time recruiting additional artists sets 18 Months apart from his two previous releases, with big name acts featuring so he can be left to producing and creating body twitching sounds. From Rihanna to Example, Ne-Yo to Florence Welch, every addition brings with them their own style, Calvin working his magic so each matches his own. Typically, you want to sing along with Ellie Goulding in “I Need Your Love”, Tinie Tempah, (“Drinking from the Bottle”) makes you ache for a dance floor, while a focused Dizzee Rascal (“Here 2 China”) has you digging up your wife beater so you can enter a rap battle. Harris is the genius behind the songs, significantly in the latter, where the base and synth makes the song what it is

Overall, the album is a decent addition to any collection, whether that’s the car or the party playlist. Respect the neighbours, mind you don’t blare it too loud.

Mark Hogan

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