No postgrad officer elected after vote

The position of DCU Postgrad officer will not be filled for this academic year as not enough votes were cast by the student body to secure a valid referendum.

Only two students ran for the position, Paula Sheridan and Rob Mocklet. 148 votes were cast last Wednesday and Thursday, seven of which were spoiled. In order to have a valid poll, 243 votes were needed for a candidate to be elected to the position.

DCU’s Returning Officer, Steve Conlon commented on the poor turnout saying it was disappointing and called for some rethinking by the Students’ Union.

Speaking to The College View, he said: “It is disappointing that we did not reach the quota. I would like to thank the postgrad offices in each faculty for their help…it’s clear there is an issue of engagement here. The SU will have to look at it and reconsider the approach. I would like to thank those who voted and my commiserations to the candidates.”

Image Credit: Viktorija Drozdova

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