Convenors reports accepted by CRC

Two Students’ Union Convenors accused of breaching SU rules will remain in their positions after Class Rep Council decided not to bring impeachment proceedings against them.

Business Convenor Neil Mulhern and Science and Health Convenor Sarah Flanagan broke Union rules when Flanagan issued an email to students informing them of deals being offered in clubs for which Mulhern works as a promoter.

However at last week’s CRC meeting, Class Representatives voted to accept reports resubmitted by Mulhern and Flanagan after the convenors explained the incident was an “honest mistake”. Flanagan  apologised to Mulhern for bringing his name into the matter.

On November 5th, the Science & Health Convenor sent an email from her SU account to approximately 55 Class Representatives in the faculty informing them of special deals being offered to DCU students in clubs promoted by Mulhern.

Speaking at the CRC meeting, Neil Mulhern said ways to keep those students who were not on reading week entertained had been discussed by the SU’s Executive Council. While students in Mulhern’s Business faculty were off classes for the week, those in Flanagan’s Science and Health faculty did have classes.

Mulhern said he merely suggested the idea that students could attend clubs for which he worked as a promoter and that the idea of personally benefiting financially “never crossed his mind”.

Referencing a story about the issue, Mulhern said: “I read about this in The College View today and it looked like I pushed the idea onto her. But it was purely just a suggestion.” He explained he did not attend the previous CRC meeting due to a build-up of assignments and apologised for not excusing himself.

Mulhern’s report, which had to be resubmitted to include an explanation for the sending of the email, was accepted by 31 votes for and 8 against.

Sarah Flanagan repeated Mulhern’s claims that the incident was a mistake. She said she never considered the money aspect of it and didn’t realise the email was an infringement of SU rules.  Flanagan’s resubmitted report was also accepted by 31 votes to 8.

Afterwards Mulhern told The College View that it was clear, based on the vote results, that the majority of the CRC understood the situation.

Sarah Flanagan told The College View that she was thankful her apology was accepted and everyone understood it was a genuine oversight.

Last month a poll carried out by the college radio station DCUfm revealed that almost two-thirds of students could not name their convenor or did not understand their role in the SU.

Sam Griffin

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