Clubs and Socs to switch bank accounts from AIB

Many of DCU’s clubs and societies will switch their bank accounts from AIB after the bank’s decision to leave DCU campus.

The general feeling among many club and society chairpersons is that they will switch their account to whichever bank decides to replace the bank in the Henry Grattan Building.

Ryan Hunt, chairperson of DCU Young Fine Gael, believes most will choose Bank of Ireland.

“Our society account is with AIB and it’s my understanding that Bank of Ireland will be acquiring many of the society accounts once they move onto campus,” he said.

However, not all societies have confessed that they will leave AIB. Ciarán Nannery of DCU’s Men’s Basketball says they are going to stay with the outgoing bank.

“We see (AIB’s move)  as inconvenient, but we will stick with AIB as they have always been helpful and easy to deal with in the past.”

Susan O’ Connell of DCU’s Ladies Soccer Club said that their bank account is with AIB and that “I probably wouldn’t switch the account unless another bank replaced them on campus, as it would make it a lot easier to manage the club’s finances.”

Adam Higgins

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