Music Soc win big at Refreshers’ Day

DCU’s Music Society was one of the big recruiters this Refreshers’ Day, adding 40 members.

Public Relations Officer of the Music Soc, Sarah Jordan said some of the new members “showed up to our Open Mic Night last week, which was great.”

Their stand on the day had guitars, drum kits, flutes and a selection of their posters from over the last year. Jordan explained how the day worked out.

“Our committee manned the stand in shifts all day. We had a great reaction from people wanting to get involved, including a good few Erasmus students, which is always excellent.”

Not all societies make a stand for Refreshers’ Day, however even without a stand the Ladies Soccer Club managed to recruit new members. Susan O’Connell of the club explained what happened.

“We came back from intervarsities the previous day so didn’t get a chance to organise one. But through one of the girls at another table we got three new players. I would imagine if we had a table it probably would have been a success.”

The Men’s Basketball Club managed to add 6 new members to their ranks, but their chairperson Ciarán Nannery feels it could have done better.

“Our teams have already been picked and most of those that play recreational basketball joined up last semester. It was not a success huge for the club but we did not expect many people to join up this late into college.”

Adam Higgins

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