DCUSU13 Opinion Poll results

With just one more day to go until your new Students’ Union is announced, The College View and DCUfm found out how you are going to vote today and tomorrow.

Will you be voting in the elections?

Out of 234 students

Yes: 97%

No: 3%

Who will you vote for Stduents’ Union President?

Out of 222  students

Aaron Clogher: 47%

Colin Brennan: 53%

Who will you vote for Vice President for Education?

Out of 215 students

Ciaran O’Connor: 84%

Robbie Reid: 16%

Who will you vote for Vice President for Welfare?

Out of 219 students

Laura Rice: 66%

Lorna Finnegan: 33%

Voting stops tomorrow at 5pm and counting starts at 6.

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