Lorna Finnegan on some of her plans for next year

Lorna Finngal for Welfare with her supporters: Grainne McCosker, Stephanie Bellew and Chloe Maguire

Lorna Finnegan is last year’s Clubs Officer and running for Vice President for Welfare.

She wants to improve Mental Health week: “it shouldn’t be something that’s talked about for just a week” and move RAG week to first semester because people have too many commitments. She also wants two SHAG weeks a year and plans to de-stress students with events like Zumba classes and improving the Mezz.

The College View caught up with her as voting starts today to find out more about her plans for DCU.
Lorna Finnegan is a final year student running for the position of Welfare officer.

She wants to change the balls that DCU run.

“There’s never really huge attendance, we’re always really pushing to sell tickets.”

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There is a possibility of joining with MCD, like other Dublin Universities, to have a day of big acts at the start of the semester.

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It would be more expensive, but there would be good attendance because there would not be another ball like it until the next semester, Lorna says. It would “boost the community spirit around DCU.”

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For a second semester end of year ball, Lorna says that organisers in Tolka Park are keen to have an outdoor festival.

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Themed nights should have no major acts, and the money raised should go to charity, Lorna says.

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Read Lorna’s Manifesto on her Facebook page.

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