Review: Comedy Crunch

Comedy Crunch is one pub/1970’s sitting room, a night of laughter, and free ice cream. Yes, free ice-cream. And the good old-fashioned 90’s wafer kind at that.

Not only does Comedy Crunch offer new acts a chance to perform, it attracts big names as well.

The atmosphere is electric. Everything is so cosy you end up in this weird place – a mixture between that nice sitting room feeling, and fearing for your life and dignity in case a comedian attacks you with their sharp words.

But they’re friendly words and you can’t help but laugh at yourself.

The room is filled with old and young, Irish and not so Irish – and for 2 hours you can bond with these strangers under fairy lights on ramshackle couches. You balance your pint on a stool while the comedian before you tries to balance on his/her plank of wood disguised by a rug.

And it’s that casual feel that makes the night. The acts have their notes up with them and the night turns into more of a chat than anything else – but with more strange antics and sharing. Lots of sharing. Maybe too much sharing.

Colm McGlinchey is MC and founder – along with Danny O’Brien who he met along the way – and started this five years ago.

He says it’s become so popular there’s a 6 month waiting list for new comedians to get a spot.

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And you can see why. Monday night we were enthralled by Foil Arms and Hog, Kevin McGahern, Shane Hughes and Trevor Browne.

All sharing their tales from being attacked by a fake gorilla’s swinging penis in Amsterdam to near-death experiences in Glasgow.

And the atmosphere is so warm and friendly that even when a comedian flopped – which sadly did happen – the audience tried to laugh in loving support and no-one really minded too much. Sure there were five others and we all probably would have left the place with abs of steel from laughing. If it wasn’t for the ice-cream. Those fiends.

The madness continues this Sunday with Totally Wired. The place fills up fast so go early for a seat and the compulsory pint.

For more, follow The Comedy Crunch on Facebook.

The Stag’s Head
1 Dame Court

Every Sunday and Monday
Doors 8.30pm

Mary McDonnell

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