New format Clubs and Socs days prove a success

Clubs and Socs days were held in DCU the week before last, from  October 7th-9th. The days were a great success, with The Venue and The Old Bar packed with students, and many clubs and societies reporting record numbers of sign-ups this year.

Over 2,500 freshers were enticed to join clubs and societies by way of free pizza, goodie bags, discount cards and the pure charm of the committee members.

Secretary of The Hiking Society, Sonja Franke felt the new format of Clubs and Socs day really helped smaller societies. “I think that every stand being the same size, and the list with all the numbers so you could look for specific clubs and socs, was really great. In total we now have 221 members, which is almost double on last year.”

The Hiking Society plan to accommodate for their rising numbers. “We’re going to try have more day hikes than last year, just because we have so many members and we really want to take everybody. We also want more pub nights out. We had one last week and it worked out really great.”

Laura Somers, PRO for the Rock Climbing Club, also felt the three days were a great success for her club. “We got really good feedback about the stall. I was so proud of everybody. We managed to increase our members by forty people this year, with 284 sign-ups in total. We’re a very accepting, welcoming and friendly club.”

The Rock Climbing Club has lots planned for the year, as Laura explained “We’re doing professional training in Awesome Walls this week. We’re also going to go to Glendalough in November, which is our Freshers’ trip. It’s probably going to be the best weekend of the year for us, and what happens in Glendalough usually gets told around the table in nubar!”

Students can still sign-up to become a member of any club or society, by simply visiting the SU Clubs and Socs’ desk.

Suzanne Cooper

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