Nobel Prize winner gives lecture to DCU students

The winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2012, Prof Serge Haroche was in DCU last week to shed light on the Schrödinger Cat experiment.

Haroche, who was in DCU to give a lecture as part of the DCU Nobel Laureate lecture series, offered an insight into the world of quantum physics and how its applications can transform life as we know it now and in the future.

In the early days, the founding fathers of quantum physics used ‘thought experiments’ such as the Schrödinger Cat experiment to manipulate and observe quantum systems according to their newly discovered, strange laws. Today, labs at DCU are carrying out these real quantum experiments, creating new areas of research at the frontier between physics and information science.

Haroche explained how these experiments and his research will open the way to new technologies that can exploit the strange logic of the quantum world to build faster and more powerful computers, create better satellite-based navigation or more sensitive systems for predicting earthquakes.

“I am particularly honoured to welcome Professor Serge Haroche to Dublin and to DCU,” said DCU President Prof Brian MacCraith.

“His contributions to the field of quantum physics over the last 40 years have moved the field forward considerably and added to our understanding of how the world works. We are particularly happy that he will bring his lecture to an audience which comprises many who are not from a scientific background.

“We hope that this initiative by DCU, and our sponsor Magnet, will help to inspire an Irish audience to take a greater interest in this field and perhaps encourage the next generation of Irish physicists to make the bold strides that he has taken.”

The DCU Nobel Laureate Lecture Series supported by Magnet Networks, aims to bring inspirational speakers to Ireland and stimulate interest in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, among Ireland’s second level student body.

Finnian Curran

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