Film festival to return with powerful documentary screening

The SUAS 8×8 Film Festival will return to DCU next month with a re-screening of one of its most powerful films.

After a successful first run of the free documentary festival in October, Educational Development charity SUAS have decided to host a re-screening of ‘Which Way Is The Front Line From Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington’ in DCU on December 3rd.

The film explores the work of the much respected British photojournalist Tim Hetherington. Tim worked in the conflict zones of Liberia and Afghanistan and was tragically killed in 2011 while on assignment on the frontlines of the Libyan civil war.

Through the eyes of his colleagues, the documentary captures the essence of the man behind the camera, his compassionate approach to his subjects, and the themes of his work.

‘Which Way is the Front Line from Here?’ was specifically chosen for re-screening in DCU  because of the powerful content and the support that it received from students in the School of Communications, according to David Nevin, Project Manager of SUAS Global Campus Programme

Third year Communications students Carmel Sayers and Claire Petersen who coordinated the festival in DCU were pleased with students’ engaged response to the films.

“It not only fired people’s passions but got people thinking about making a difference,” said Sayers.

The festival coordinators directed inspired students to visit SUAS website to read more and discuss key global issues.

Rachel McLaughlin

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