ISS respond to complaints about IT services

ISS have responded to complaints from students about experienced problems signing into their accounts and using printers in some of the computer labs in the Henry Grattan Building since the start of this academic year.

Ian Spillane from the ISS responded to queries about the issues. He told The College View: “We work with other departments, such as Registry…but if a problem is IT related, we get the blame.

“we’re doing everything we can to provide efficiencies for staff and students, but cuts are going to have an impact”.

When asked if cuts to staffing levels were responsible for the problems, Ian declined to comment on job losses, but said: “We have 32 full-time employees now. Some additional staff are a mix of computing and communications students, who are usually currently studying and are employed on a project-by-project basis.”

The Government moratorium on hiring staff in the public sector precludes the HR department from hiring any more staff, but Ian said that some people are hired via the JobBridge employment scheme and that the ISS are doing everything they can to resolve IT and related issues on campus.

“Our aim is to be a strategic partner going forward for DCU and it’s students”, he added.

Theresa Newman

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