Your Mo-Ment To Shine

Calling all Mo-Bros- Movember is upon usthis year it’s bigger than ever with over 1.1 million moustaches expected to take part. To ensure you have the perfect mo’, we have created a guide to make sure you’re looking the part this month.

If you are taking part in the campaign, you are probably already well on your way to maturing that impeccable facial hair. However, if your upper lip fuzz is still a bit shapeless and lost, here are our top mo-scaping tips:

For some men, there is an awkward stage when you start to grow a moustache where you get jeers and taunts from friends, family and co-workers. To prevent this traumatic time, I recommended you get familiar with your mo’- some alone time if you will. Whether it be a long weekend or a bank holiday, choosing your “mo”-ment is a very important process.

Next, whilst trying to grow out that mo’, it is suggested that you also grow out your beard so you can get it to its preferred length. Once your mo’ has reached that, shave off the beard.

As somebody also growing a mo’ in support of the campaign, I have tried a couple of different products to maintain my newly developed facial hair. First of all, for optimal results you must trim your mo. For this, you will need both a comb and a specific beard trim scissors (both available from most retail barber stores and Argos). Put your comb over your moustache and slowly cut with scissors to keep it in line. For extra precision, use a magnifying mirror to get in close.

Next, to keep your ‘tache in style, use moustache wax. To apply, take a minimal amount and warm through your fingers. Rub through sparingly to help keep your moustache strong. One of the most popular brands is Penhaligon’s, available online on their website.

So there you have it; with these tips you will be well on your way to sporting a stylish mo’. And if you’re follicularly challenged, there is always a good ole stick on moustache.

If you are interested in getting more involved with events and fundraising, the organisation behind the campaign has a website at There you can register and find out about local events occurring such as Mo-Running, Mo-Parties and other useful links.

Have a hairy Movember!

By Jack O’Dea

 Image: Hezi Cohen via

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