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Trend Alert: Polo Neck Jumpers
-Niamh Doherty

In all honesty, polo neck jumpers have never really appealed to me. I think it’s intrinsically linked to seeing a cartoon Rizzo in the opening credits of Grease struggle to pull one over her head. That, and the image of a frumpy librarian generally spring to mind. Alas, to my shock horror, recent catwalk shows have changed my mind and have proven that polo necks are dowdy no more.
Now that winter is well and truly here, the whole “fashion is pain” idea has taken a back seat and comfort dressing is where it’s at. It’s all about the knits. Fact. The 1970s fashion revival is having a moment this winter and it’s certainly responsible for the polo neck resurgence. The fashion pack isn’t complaining though. This season, Alexa Chung, Rihanna and co. are leading the way in the style front and championing the polo neck jumper. What other reason would you need to jump on this bandwagon?
The perks of the classic polo neck jumper is that it’s not only practical for Ireland’s bitterly cold weather; you can also make it look seriously glam. Pair one with a pencil skirt and stilettos for girly chic or wear with some leather-look jeans for an ultra cool look. To play up to the retro vibes even more, why not accessorise it with a chunky bold necklace?
Polo neck lovers (and those newly converted) can rejoice, as there are plenty of variations of the jumpers available on the high street at the moment – my personal faves would have to be Topshop & With a student discount and plenty of options, can you do any wrong? Nope.

Steal Her Style: Jordan Dunn

-Shannon O’Sullivan

A supermodel of the moment. Stunning youthful and stylish. No I’m not talking about Cara Delevigne. I’m talking about her fellow successful supermodel, Jourdan Dunn.

Quite a fuss has been made about Cara Delevigne for some time now. “She’s the next Kate Moss” they say, if not bigger. She very well could be and she is a beautiful girl but my loyalty lies with her good friend Jourdan. Discovered in Primark in 2006 the British model was then signed to Storm Model Management. Being the first black woman to walk Prada’s catwalks in over 10 years, she certainly made her presence known from the beginning in the fashion industry.

In demand almost as much as Delevigne herself, Jourdan has developed a striking image when it comes to her outfits and has the confidence to go with them. Beanies and caps are a favourite of hers along with loose fitting varsity inspired tops. When attending an event however she incorporates girly, flirty elements with a catwalk edge. Bright metallic bodycon pieces can be seen on her Instagram as a choice for what I’m sure is a ‘high profile’ night out.

Fitted leather pants and biker style leather jackets are pieces she mixes with loose jersey whether it is day or night. For the star studded CFDA Awards this year she sported an alternative type of evening wear, boosting her eternally effortless image. A black bandeau crop teamed with high waisted structured bottoms, Dunn showed she is both brave and beautiful. This all may sound a bit daunting. Maybe she has a slight advantage when wearing such clingy and ‘out there’ clothing but it isn’t hard to be inspired by her style and change it to suit your figure. Chic and cool Dunn dresses like a supermodel even when off duty and is not afraid of a little comfort. It’s not just us so.

Buying Online
-Shannon O’Sullivan

There’s nothing worse (in terms of buying online obviously) than getting that long awaited pretty package in the post with that one piece of clothing you need for this weekend; but it doesnt fit. It’s too baggy, too tight, too long or short, whatever it is it’s just all wrong and you’re either stuck with it or must go through the painful process of returning it.

This is the unfortunate risk we all take when we decide to buy online. Personally I was never a fan of it, mostly because I am so fussy in general. Often I walk into a shop in town and fall in love with a dress, try it on and it looks awful. It looked so good five minutes ago sitting on the hanger but you never know for sure until it’s making the mirror in front of you want to break into thousands of pieces. So if you can’t judge in a shop when the item is in your hands, how can you know when it is on a screen and is gracefully draped over a dainty 6ft model?

Retail prices online however have us all taking the plunge over the last few years and now more than ever. With new websites constantly popping up imitating that of Asos, offering quality clothing for cheaper prices who could say no? Sometimes I have decided it is worth the risk. For the first time during the summer this online retail virgin gave a go. Preparing for holidays and on a low budget I got crop top fever when choosing my items to buy. Four crops in various colours and styles and a maxi dress later, I was only down €60 euro thanks to the 10% off at checkout day. Two working days later they arrived and I was prepared to be mad at myself for buying clothes that don’t fit. To my surprise every item looked as good as it did in the pictures and my mirror didnt break. Money saved and clothes sorted;I had a good run.

My venture into the world of Missguided however proved to be quite the hassle. With my ‘overly general’ address and my use of an old email we both were to blame in keeping in contact with eachother. Having waited a week and realising what caused the delay I contacted my local courier service where I met Tony ‘the driver’. Two days before I was due to jet off to Thailand I badgered Tony to help me find my new bikini which was on Missguided’s invisible missing list. By the sound of his voice he was in his later years and definitely of a rural breed. True to his word he spent the next two days tracking it down and when I offered to drive to Wexford to the warehouse to fetch it (a bit extreme but I was desperate) he said he’d meet me halfway. Walking into a petrol station and asking for a package left by Tony ‘the driver’ felt a bit like being a runner for Love/Hate’s Nidge. The teenager beind the counter reluctantly handed me the package and I ran out elated. I never got to meet Tony but was lucky enough to share many a phonecall with him or rather burden him with my problems. The life of a Missguided courier, not pretty.

Asos is a favourite of many online buyers and has built up a great reputation as the go-to retail site. Nastygal is an American website with great clothes but the postage will set you back an extra €15 to Ireland so best to make it worth your while and buy in bulk. Shoeaholics is a recent discovery of mine and one which I will definitely be trying in the future. Designer shoes slashed down to suit student friendly budgets how can you go wrong?

-Know your measurements and use size charts if provided
-Be flexible as colours differ on screen than the actual clothing
-Buy more than one item to avoid postage and packaging charges on items individually
-Understand the sites return policy before purchasing

Shannon O’Sullivan and Niamh Doherty

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