Aisling’s Special Favourites

Nope, not a new whiskey brand but an Ecuadorian illustrator otherwise known as Javier Pérez Estrella. This guy has a wonderful knack for using everyday objects (grapes, staplers, Oreos, you name it) as the starting point for his illustrations. Follow him on Instagram or like him on Facebook. I promise he’ll brighten up your day.

The Innocent Big Knit
One of my favourite annual campaigns. For the month of November many of Innocent Smoothies 250ml bottles will be adorned with little wooly hats. If you buy one of these smoothies 30c will be donated to Age Action Ireland to help keep vulnerable elderly people warm over the winter and you’ll also get to keep the lovely hat (ideas for what to do with it on a postcard please). As part of the campaign there is an amazing option on their site of designing a virtual hat and if you share it on Twitter or Facebook the company donates 10p to Age Action UK (sadly there isn’t an Irish version). So if you weren’t organised enough to knit a hat before the deadline, or just can’t knit like me, you can still get involved. The Big Knit smoothies are on sale in selected retailers such Dunnes Stores, Tesco, Centra and SPAR .

Dublin Zoo
The zoo is the best. There are sea lions and giraffes and no end of fascinating and adorable animals. At the moment there are baby pandas just two months old and I just want to be allowed into the enclosure for two minutes to cuddle. However, it’s not always within the student budget to go and hang out with the monkeys. Good thing then that it’s only €5 to visit Dublin Zoo until November 29th. To celebrate reaching 100,000 Facebook likes all single zoo tickets bought online using the discount code ‘Facebook’ will cost you the same as a bowl of goujons and chips in the NuBar. If you can’t make it before the offer ends they currently have webcams in the wolf, elephant, penguin and African Savannah area enclosures so you can watch some of the cutest creatures play, sleep and eat.

The Blind Pig
From what I understand this sounds like a pretty fun event, but it’s all a bit hush-hush. The Blind Pig is a basically pop-up 1920s bar that will serve cocktails in a location that will only be revealed on Twitter and Facebook. From what I gather it looks like the next event will be on Thursday 5th December but that’s all I can figure out. I love the mystery around this event, the idea of turning up and not really knowing what you’ll find (except amazing cocktails, hopefully). Vintage dress and booking recommended.

Aisling Kett

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