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It is without doubt that television providers like Sky & UPC have been feeling the pinch now that the near entirety of the younger generation is streaming their favourite shows. So much so that it has forced them to improve their service by offering people’s favourite shows ‘On Demand’.

However their standing orders still remain and so we have opted to ditch them. Sites like offer multiples of links for each episode to be streamed instantly online. Match this with AdBlock and you’ve got ease of access that parallels Sky Go.

So surely there’s got to be some damn fine TV out there to be encouraging this exodus of people impatient to live by Sky’s scheduling. Luckily there most certainly is including a few who are leading the way in legal online broadcasting.

House of Cards
This was arguably one of the finest series of TV ever and certainly the best series never to be broadcast across traditional TV. HOC is one of the pioneering series in modern time both in overall quality and the fact that it is a Netflix exclusive. Bizarre to think one of the most talked about TV series of the last year wasn’t even on TV.

Kevin Spacey plays Frank Underwood, a House Majority Whip in a political drama that delves into the behavioural tendencies of those involved in politics as well as the interests that suffer as a result of it. A tone that slowly sucks you in without you realising until you’re six episodes in, it’s 4 a.m. and pool of drool has developed in your lap.

As for direction, camera work and scriptwriting even the most critical of critics would find it hard to poke holes, with some even complimenting the original camera style.

Boardwalk Empire

Like most series this has developed it’s success through word of mouth. An initial launch by Sky Atlantic set it up to be an absolute blockbuster, but with an abundance of characters from the off and originating at a time before streaming was readily available it struggled to develop the followership it deserved. With what could be considered a lull with most fans awaiting returns from shows like Game Of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire has done excellently in filling the gap with a thrilling fourth series.

Anyone familiar with Steve Buscemi’s work would find it sensationally difficult to see him as essentially the Don of Atlantic City in the early 1900s, with most of his notable work being comedy. That said he takes on the role magnificently and develops an aura of a supremely dangerous man with ease.

With off-camera executives like Mark Wahlberg and Martin Scorsese on the bill it is no surprise how the show flourished following a tricky start that involved a heavy amount of scene setting. And for all those interested HBO has renewed it for a fifth season.

Breaking Bad

It has become near impossible to create any form of list about TV shows and not include this powerhouse, and it is just that. Never before have we seen such dedication from fans that trawled their way through the five series which built up to a finale worthy of the show.

When is the next time we will see Twitter block any spoilers making it down peoples’ feeds? While it has its critics, Vince Gilligan created a show that no one could stop watching. Think Love/ Hate’s national popularity except all over the world.

Brian Cranston plays chemistry teacher turned meth overlord Walter White in what could be the series of our generation. While the show will always have that attraction to people to go over an watch it again or for people who haven’t to start, it will be some time before we see one topic dominate conversations again.

With it being near impossible to see on Sky; everyone was at different stages and an obligatory ‘where are you?’ question precluded each parley.

It certainly is a terrific time to be someone who needs to kill time. For those of us that little bit more productive it may prove tricky to make any kind of dent into the collection available to us but hey, there’s no harm in trying.

Michael Cogley

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