GIG: Disclosure

Heineken Live Project
Olympia Theatre
November 15th

The boy geniuses Guy (22) and Howard (19) who make up the Mercury Award nominated electro-pop duo Disclosure played to a packed Olympia Theatre last Friday. The gig was one of Heineken’s Live Project Events – basically a huge advertising ploy- but it means that attendees get to go to an amazing free gig along with a free beer, so I’m not complaining! The blood, sweat and tears that were poured into obtaining two free tickets (the gig ‘sold out’ within five minutes which of course means the site crashed multiply times and one wrong button pressed meant no gig. A moment of silence for the many people who failed at the task.) were definitely worth it.

Disclosure has exploded on to the music scene with their single ‘Latch’ last year. The brothers are multi-instrumentalist music buffs and their list of influences range from Kate Bush to hip-hop producer J. Dilla. Their debut album ‘Settle’ was released in June 2013 and reached number 1 in the British charts and the top ten in the Irish album charts.

The pair collaborated with many up-and-coming British acts for ‘Settle’ and have undeniably helped catapult these acts onto the music scene – acts such as Sam Smith who lends his haunting vocals to ‘Latch’, Aluna George who co-wrote White Noise, and the fast-rising trio London Grammar.

Disclosure came on stage at 9 – which was the time they were scheduled to arrive. In all my concert-going years, an act has never gone on stage on time. It was strange. Addressing the audience only a couple of times, the brothers let the music speak for them. Mixing lesser known tracks such as ‘Boiling’ with instant crowd pleasers like ‘When a Fire Starts to Burn’, the crowd was kept dancing throughout the hour-and-a-half long gig.

The boys look like they have yet to make their Confirmation but Guy and Howard had the capacity crowd hanging on their every beat. A simple strobe light show accompanied their music, with the ‘Disclosure face’ making an appearance throughout, and singing along during ‘Help me Lose My Mind’ and ‘Latch’.

The audience was a happy mix of die-hard fans (like myself) and those who went along just to enjoy a free gig, and judging from the general atmosphere throughout, everyone left satisfied. The gig culminated in an extended version of the aforementioned ‘Latch’ and left you with that indescribable feeling you only get when you and over one thousand people are singing every word to a song at the same time.

So anyone who has any interest in music/joy/cute, musically talented guys, go to a Disclosure gig ASAP.

Aisling Murphy

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