Successful alumni share ‘ideas worth spreading’ at DCU’s first TEDx event

A host of successful DCU alumni shared their ‘ideas worth spreading’ at the TEDx event which took place in The Helix on Saturday last, November 30th.

There was a sense of excitement in the air as speakers such as journalist and broadcaster Richard Curran and prostitution survivor Rachel Moran inspired those gathered for the first such event to be held at the University.

DCU President and long-time fan of the ‘TED talks’ series, Professor Briain MacCraith acknowledged, however that he would like to hold the event again but on a bigger scale and with more students in attendance. “That’s why we gave out our tickets within 30 minutes.”

Speakers included:

Journalist and broadcaster Richard Curran, who spoke of the importance of making third-level education accessible to all. He’s convinced that once this is ensured, universities will benefit and “we’ll all be better off”.

Immunologist David Dowling who described his research for a long-lasting vaccine capable of protecting people from all diseases.

Serial entrepreneur Liavan Mallin who presented her revolutionary idea of the ‘9 year-old entrepreneur’.

Technology entrepreneur Joe Hogan, who reflected upon the use of mobile phones in our everyday life and predicted a future where “there will be more connected lives beyond the smartphones. The one thing that will remain important to us is our connection with each other”.

Prostitution survivor Rachel Moran who described her former role as that of a “human masturbation aid”. She stressed her belief that “real men don’t pay, and they don’t pay because they know that they don’t need to”.

Finally, Breandán de Gallaí, physicist and choreographer, Emer Patten, music film producer, and Jonathan Turner, investment expert, concluded the morning with their experiences.

Gianluca Avagnina

Image Credit: Gianluca Avagnina




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