Ballymun community honoured in photographic exhibit

The Ballymun People Helix exhibit was to honour and recognise its proud community as the Ballymun Regeneration project comes to an end.

The exhibit, which was displayed in the Helix from November 19th-27th, was a collection of photographs and interviews with local Ballymun residents who have worked hard to better their community.

DCU President, Brian MacCraith, is one of the many locals featured in the project, working to improve the Ballymun area through education.

“I want DCU to be a university of enterprise, focusing on innovation, social enterprise and economic development. I hope we can bring great value to Ballymun and encourage more of its young people into higher education”, he said.

The exhibit marks the end of the Ballymun Regeneration project as the last of the Ballymun residents are set to move into their new homes after the Ballymun Tower Blocks were cleared earlier this year.

The artistic project was designed by renowned Irish author, Charles Handy, and his wife, Elizabeth Handy, who is a professional photographer. The project was also sponsored by the Dublin City Council.

“This wonderful exhibition of photographs and interviews is a fitting tribute to a community of proud ‘Ballymunners’ who have campaigned tirelessly for a better, safer new Ballymun. The objective of the exhibition was simply to identify and profile just some of the many people who have been, and who will continue to be, active in promoting a new and improving Ballymun”, said Michael, a spokesperson for the project.

Karla Chubb

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