Athletics team raise the bar at DCU’s Best Dance Crew

DCU Athletics Club proved that they can also dance with their “Call on Me” inspired routine as they were crowned the winner of DCU’s Best Dance Crew last week.

Nineteen diverse teams took part in the award-winning event organised by the Dance Society. A member of the Dance Soc was assigned to each club or society particpating to create a unique dance routine.

Students packed The Venue in support of the event and in the end it was their vote that decided the winner.

Following a nostalgic performance dedicated to everyone’s favourite 90’s TV show, Friends Soc placed second. When asked what inspired Friends Soc’s custom dance routine Jake Ryan said “The music of the 90’s and the millenium episode of friends.”


DCUsBestDanceCrewfriendsCreditDCUMediaCrewAidan Broletti6


The Media Production Society came in third place after creating a combination of different music era’s in their dance from gangster to disco.

Cody Byrne, who performed on behalf of DCU Global Brigades, explained how their assigned choreographer came up with a ‘Lion King’ themed intro to their dance. He added: “this event is a great way to get people involved in dance who wouldn’t usually. It makes it a less embarrassing experience.”

DCU LGBTA gave it their all following their winning performance last year however they didn’t retain their title.

DCU Force Rugby gave a memorable performance with moves similar to the famous “Haka”. One member of the team, Stephen Murray, said they “wanted to do the college proud and they certainly did by making it to the final five”.


DCUsBestDanceCrewrugbyCreditDCUMediaCrewAidan Broletti2


Jillian Sullivan, a member of the Dance Society, believes the event “is necessary to raise awareness about dance and to promote dancing in the college community rather than just in the Dance Society”.

Shannon O’Sullivan

Images Credit: Aidan Broletti

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