Security warn students of rise in bike thefts

The number of bike thefts on campus has increased since October.

Security staff have arrested three groups of thieves in the past month and are concerned that students aren’t doing enough to prevent their bikes from being stolen.

“My advice is to use a good U-shaped steel lock and make sure you lock it to one of the bicycle stands”, said Ray Wheatley, Security Services Manager, in an email circulated last week.

“On almost every occasion bicycles locked with cable locks are the ones being targeted. No matter how good you think they are, these people seem to cut them with great ease.”

One second-year student told The College View of how his bike was taken while he was in an exam.

“I bought my lock in a bike shop; I thought it was a good one, it was like a thick metal rope with a black cover. When I got back a few hours later, the bike, the lock, everything was gone. I can’t afford another bike so now I walk to college”, he said.

The Security staff also sent a video to all students last week showing them how to correctly lock their bikes and giving tips about how to make bikes more secure:

A number of bikes have since been recovered by Security, and if students have had a bike stolen they can check whether any of these is theirs by contacting the Security Office on 01 700 8990.

Theresa Newman

Image Credit: Annemarie Kelly

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