Class Rep Council takes a bite of the healthy eating issue

Healthy eating has been a hot topic at DCU’s Class Representative Council’s (CRC) recent meetings, with student representatives raising issues around where healthy food options are and are not on offer.

Students’ Union Welfare Officer, Lorna Finnegan is this week meeting with a fruit and veg delivery service she hopes the University can establish a connection with. This development comes on foot of items raised at recent meetings regarding the lack of availability of fresh fruit and vegetables to purchase on campus.

Speaking at the Council’s meeting last Thursday she revealed she was also “looking at maybe a fresh fruit and veg market once a month on campus”.

The suggestion of approaching supermarkets to negotiate on whether they would deliver fresh groceries to campus at a reduced rate was also raised.

A motion was also passed at the meeting for Finnegan to approach the gym in relation to offering students the option of six months’ membership at a reduced rate, starting from January. Currently the six-month rate is €160, however the motion passed stated she would seek a reduction to €100.

SU President, Aaron Clogher, meanwhile, has commented on his satisfaction with the fresh menu and look adopted in recent weeks by the NuBar. “I know even as a student 2/3 years ago you wouldn’t dream of going to the NuBar for your lunch… whereas now people are going there… and getting a wrap… it’s definitely changed for the better.”

An outstanding issue on the topic, however, is the fact that at recent meetings representatives enjoyed pizza while discussing healthy eating and lifestyle issues.

“We’ve a good relationship with the local Domino’s franchise and they generously sponsor events like that,” Clogher pointed out. “Essentially the issue is cost… it’s definitely something we’ve to look into, how to go about trying to get the support for more healthy options.”

Sarah Bermingham

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