Drama Society’s ‘Dreadville’ delight

DCU Drama Society’s pantomime ‘Escape from Dreadville’ received cheers and applause from a full house last week.

The production told the story of an evil villain, The Count, and his band of rebels who were banished onto the island of Dreadville.

Some of the main highlights included the cast’s rendition of ‘Find Me Somebody to Love’ and the introduction of the four fairies, while a fight scene in slow-motion was brilliantly choreographed to The Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’.

Communications student Sarah McCormack was the scriptwriter for the pantomime. “It was a very long process and wasn’t something which I was able to just sit down and do, I couldn’t force it,” she said.

This is the third year that the panto has been written by a DCU student, as last year’s ‘Trouble in Tinseltown’ and 2011’s ‘Crappily Ever After’ were created by Lisa Keegan.

According to McCormack, she was inspired by Keegan to write her own pantomime. “I was so impressed with her ability to write and create these amazing pieces of work and it really pushed me to try it for myself,” she explained.

Sarah came up with the plot in March of this year and proposed it to the DCU Drama Society. David Atkinson, who had a lead role in last year’s panto, worked on editing the production with James Keogh.

She also acknowledged the contribution of director Jack Riordan, musical directors Anastasia Gulakova and Fiona Bradley, producers Sarah McLoughlin and James Keogh, choreographer Caoimhe Harris and of course, the cast.

Celebrity skit appearances in the panto this year included Miley Cyrus, Cormac from TV series Tallafornia and Gok Wan. The production ran for three consecutive nights last week.

Martina Brophy

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