Last minute Christmas gift guide

With Christmas day fast approaching,  there are probably a number of you who still haven’t bought presents yet. But fear not, because your procrastination shall be rewarded because here’s how to get great last minute practical gifts for under €50.

What present you buy ultimately comes down to who you are buying it for. So in no particular order of importance, here is a list of items you can get for your nearest and dearest.


  • Netflix Six Month Voucher: Assuming they don’t already have it, why not indulge them with six months of movies and TV shows at the great price of  €41.94. Of course if that’s too much, there is also a one or a three month option available.
  • Croí Cookbook and Lifestyle Guide: The heart and stroke charity, Croí have released this cookbook which is packed full of great recipes. All proceeds from the books sale go towards the fight against heart disease and stroke. Check out their website for more information. The book costs €14.95.


  • Waterproof Bag Covers: Great for keeping the contents of bags dry during the many downpours we experience in this country. They come in all shapes and sizes too, so no matter if it’s a rucksack or a handbag, you can find one to suit their needs. Maximum cost would be €15.
  • Spotify Gift Cards: Give them the gift of music with Spotify gift cards which are available for €10 and €30. Just in case they have woeful taste in music that you don’t wish to be subjected to, you could also get them JVC  HA-RX300 headphones which can be bought for €10 in most electrical shops.

Fellow Students

  • Toiletries Gift Set: In these cases it’s best to go with the classics. Most of us remember when we would get a number of these each Christmas from different relations. Nothing says ‘I’ve no idea what you like so you’re getting this’ quite like this classic gift. With money tight, these sets can be a godsend.  Instead of forking out on aftershave etc. on the weekly shopping run, you can afford two or three extra pints in coppers… maybe. A gift set should cost you no more than  €15.
  • Laptop Bag: You can go as expensive or inexpensive as you like here. You can pick up a perfectly adequate laptop bag for under €20.
  • Six Pack of Beer: Well everybody knows somebody who would appreciate nothing more than a lovely six pack. If you wish to do things on the cheap you can get the latest imported high percentage liver destroyer on special from the usual supermarkets. The only thing that can be said for a gift like this is that it will have the distinction of tasting better on the way back up than it does on the way down. Spend no more than €7.

And Finally…..

If you are scraping the barrel so badly that you cannot afford anything listed above, then read on. But be warned, only in extreme cases should the following present be given because this could fracture relationships with your loved ones irreparably.

What you do is, rustle through old photo albums and find a picture of you with your parents/siblings, get it copied and stick it into a cheap picture frame that you can pick up anywhere these days. You can even go ultra cheap and scan the picture and print it out at home, but that is truly worst-case scenario stuff.

The beauty of it is, your parents will accept it as they have no choice. You’re their pride and joy at the end of the day so no matter how crappy the gift, they have to grin and bare it. Your brothers and sisters may see fit to physically attack you though so be prepared for that eventuality. I don’t suggest doing this with friends, as chances are you won’t have any by Stephens’s Day if you pull such a cheap stunt with them. Estimated cost is no more than €12 for the whole family.

Merry Christmas!

James Creagh

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