Mantalk #5

Craig Sutton and Seán Ó Grifín, aka Mantalk

The boys have a few final pearls of wisdom for 2013…


Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Assignment who?

Assignment due!

With everything college related being wrapped up this week, let’s take a breather and get excited about Christmas.

What’s the difference between Santa Clause and Tiger Woods?

Santa stopped at 3 hos!

Christmas is here yet again, as it is every year – who would have thought? Has anybody actually done their shopping yet? Suppose I’ll have to mention those ‘trendy’ Christmas jumpers, it being the holiday season and that. I hear Lifestyle Sports are selling them now. Like really? Who wants a Christmas jumper from a sports shop? Lifestyle should stick to selling F10’s and Reebok Classics. G’lads.

I’m not a proud owner of the highly coveted Christmas jumper, but I suppose if I had one, I would probably look for something that you haven’t seen around before. Try to get something that fits well, is unique and has a timeless appeal so that you won’t be faced with the same dilemma next year!

With the closing of week 12, assignments just about done and Christmas around the corner it’s time to get excited. Personally, it’s not the presents at this time of year that I look forward to most, it’s finding this unique ability that only comes around once a year (maybe at Easter too) that allows us to indulge in enough food to feed a small village and an excessively cruel amount of alcohol. In saying that, I give you my final words of wisdom for 2013: Eat it up and let the hangover begin.

Have a good one!


After much criticism from the last article about illicit manufacturing (which I have experienced first-hand) I have changed my mandate; I am going to be dishonest and support the blood drenched blanket covering up the link between products and individuals who fabricate them… but I was always encouraged to question the man…

In every industry, capitalist corporations are more concerned about their assets over individuals, making money is key – this is why the capitalist system doesn’t work: over concerned about making money instead of nurturing people and the planet. Natural disaster wipes out Country A, Country B offers the same manufacturing service, let’s move to country B. This is like leaving a woman you are in a relationship with for her sister after she becomes immobilised.

This unethical frenzy is all possible due to the methods in which retailers manufacture. Retailers in most cases do not deal directly with factories; they link with buying offices in the countries in which the factories are located. The buying offices supply a range of factories with mixed standards; they deal directly with the factories so if any mistreatment is uncovered by the media, it’s extremely hard to pinpoint individual retailers.

I think the defensive feedback I received was from people who don’t want to believe that slave-like workers are manufacturing their clothes. I am nearly certain this refusal is to their vested trust and affixations for fashion brands and the celebrities that support them, thus feeling obliged to defend them. Fashion brands aren’t about trademarks they are about making ‘lovemarks’, but how could anyone love something that treats you right, loves you and tells you your beautiful to your face but abuses others behind your back? It’s kind of like dating Josef Fritzl.

I am merely highlighting another world problem, which is constructed by corporations we love, respect and support. It’s nearly impossible for us to topple the current structure; we all fall for the value factor or the aspirational factors. We don’t only fall for this when we’re buying clothes but buying non-renewable energy, furniture, food, banking, etc.

Unfortunately we’re cogs in the corporate engine; we support their cash excursion by buying whatever they produce and working with them like minions. With takeovers prominent, the wealthy are becoming more powerful; multi brand corporations are eating competition in a dictating manner. Why are we supporting supremacy – no one ever liked the fat greed child. Why aren’t we seeking an alternative, there has to be cure for mistreatment and poverty. The prominent corporate system doesn’t work; it distances societies further from one another, making the rich richer and the poor poorer, which hinders us to develop as a race, just as religion does.

Craig Sutton and Seán Ó’Grifín

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