Aisling’s Special Favourites

A few of Aisling Kett’s favourite Christmassy things this fortnight…

Christmas pop-up shops:
I was a bit worried there that I wouldn’t have anything Christmas-y for this column. “How can I not mention anything about Xmas in the big Christmas issue of Flux?” I pondered while wrapping tinsel around the the trunk of the palm tree in my apartment (on a sidenote did you know the X in Xmas represents the the first letter of the Greek word for Christ). But then I remembered two lovely Christmas pop-up shops in town. Saved.

Wishlist in in the Royal Hibernian Academy in Ely Place until 20th December with 20 stalls from Irish craftspeople, artists and designers. Makers and Brothers is on Dame Lane until Christmas Eve and has more of the same as well as the amazing Wildflour Bakery on site. So head along to find that elusive unique gift.

Alex Sheridan Photography:
There’s such a love/hate thing around talented young people who shame the rest of us by being so proactive. This guy is an 18 year old Dublin photographer who specialises in fashion, skateboarding and portrait photography. His sharp, vibrant images show Dublin at its best as well as capturing the spirit of the city. He shot the cover photo of two recent issues of Le Cool Dublin magazine as well featuring in Prowlster and Tabitha Magazine. One to watch.

Adventures of Finding Momo:
Don’t you just love dogs? This little cutie looks really like my own mad mutt so obviously I think this is swell. Find Momo is a really sweet project by Canadian-based photographer Andrew Knapp who photographs his border collie Momo hidden in various places from a bookstore to an abandoned school and a fire station. Like ‘Where’s Wally?’ but way more charming. Inevitably there’s a book on the way in March but browse the site and Instagram account before that.

The Lana del Rey album that will be released sometime next year. There’s not even a release date yet but I’m already bouncing around with excitement. I just love Lana (real name Elizabeth Grant), her husky voice, dark lyrics and glamourous videos. Her most recent release, the EP Paradise, was haunting and dreamy, which I really liked, so the new stuff should be stellar.

If you can’t wait until the new album she released her much hyped, explicit, and characteristically gritty yet glamourous short film Tropico a few weeks ago which is online now. In other album releases news Elbow (March 10th) and Foxes (February 28th) are both releasing material next year. 2014 is going to have one amazing soundtrack.

Aisling Kett

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