Water leaks cause damage to DCU library

A section of the library that is closed off.

Sections of DCU library remain closed off today as staff assess the damage caused by this morning’s water leak.

DCU library was temporarily closed this morning to allow for immediate remedial work after a water mains burst at around 8am this morning.

However after consulting with the Health and Safety office, the library was re-opened to allow for students studying for exams.

Certain sections of the library remain closed off, such as the law section,to allow for repairs and damage assessment. A member of staff told The College View any students looking for a book in a closed off section can ask a member of staff who can assist them.

The water leak has caused damage to books, a member of staff told The College View, however the extent and cost of the damage caused to books is unclear at this early stage. The member of staff said it is now a case of going through the books in the damaged areas and assessing what books need to be replaced.

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Aoife Mullen

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