Calendar change decision sparks debate

A motion passed by DCU’s Academic Council at a December meeting will see the two study weeks prior to exams being split up either side of the Christmas break.

Debate ensued at last week’s Class Rep Council (CRC) meeting after Engineering and Computing Convenor Ian Kavanagh informed students present of the decision, which he said was rushed through the meeting without meaningful deliberation.

The change, according to Students’ Union President Aaron Clogher, is part of a long-term plan to move all university exams to before Christmas. Such a move would bring DCU in line with other Irish universities.

Several members of the Council voiced their concern at the proposed changes. Kavanagh explained he had discussed the issue with students in his faculty and “the consensus was that it will disrupt the holidays”.

Students would miss out on their break, he said, as they would either continue studying or worry about their exams at a time when they should be resting.

Economics, Politics and Law student Seán Cassidy suggested details of the change be given to the CRC Chair, who would encourage class reps to discuss the issue with their students before a further discussion at the next Council meeting with a view towards deciding a Union stance.

Sarah Bermingham

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