Speed dating, men who puke and all things love

In the immortal words of the ever-so-cheesy ‘Wet Wet Wet’, love is all around us, and that was certainly the case this past week on campus.

Whether you were learning to love the wondrous and slightly stomach-upsetting things the human body can do in the audience of ‘The Regurgitator’, AKA Stevie Starr; or desperately trying to find your one true love at DCU’s speed dating event held last Thursday in the NuBar, we were all feeling it.

But then how could we not with the threat of Valentine’s Day looming ever so close and the campus being filled with slightly embarrassed men carrying giant teddies and bouquets of beautiful roses for their lady love of the week?

However, the aim of LOVE week was not just about finding that special something with a significant other, but rather about learning to love yourself.

If you take one message from this past love-fueled week, let it be to not waste time on hatred. Whether it be hating yourself, hating another or hating the eclectic weather we’ve been having – let it all go.

Sorry to quote another cheesy song but the Beatles had it right when they sang ‘All you need is love’.

Don’t forget food and water though, that’s also pretty important.

The Regurgitator

Nicole Balmaine

Image Credit: DCU SU

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