Maximum Lolz: Interview with Barry and Stuart

As part of a nationwide 48 tour, BAFTA nominated comedy magicians Barry & Stuart performed a free show for DCU students in the Venue on Wednesday last.

The ‘Unlock with 48’ tour see’s the duo perform in Ireland for the first time after touring the UK twice and performing at the Edinburgh Festival a number of times. Speaking with Stuart he said that touring Ireland was something that they had always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to do so before now.

“We got a call from 48 and they really liked what we do and they wanted to Stage free shows for students which was great for us because we had never toured in Ireland before. We’ve had TV shows shown here but never had the opportunity to come and the idea of doing these shows for free was something we jumped at”.

The high profile pair performed some of their most well know tricks, including ‘The Monologue’, a trick that has amassed close to 10 million views on , as well as the hilarious ‘Pirate Dance’ to finish the show.

Having featured on Biblical inspired shows such as ‘The Magic of Jesus’ and ‘Tricks from the Bible’ as well as BBC Primetime show ‘The Magicians’, the pair were eager to promote their new show, ‘The Happenings’, where the double act visited towns to convince strangers that weird, unexplained phenomena were happening in their town.

“The premise of the show was we went undercover into these towns and used magic tricks, without people knowing we were using magic tricks make them believe aliens had landed and ghosts were in the town”.

The show will be televised on Watch in the USA, UK and Ireland. For now the Penn & Teller like act are content with establishing themselves in the UK and Ireland but have been attracting interest from America, despite not even pursuing it.

“The series that is about to air here (The Happenings) is about to air out in the States next month and that will be the first time our series will be aired in America. We have visited the States before because out of the blue we got an award for best comedy magicians last April and we made some contacts so were heading in that direction.”

The pair also visited Cork during the week, performing in UCC’s Old Bar and Havana Browns.

image: Nicola Leddy

Chris Jordan

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