Societies see membership increase on last semester

DCU Ógra Fianna Fáil has seen an increase of 24 members when compared to the numbers registered with DCU Clubs and Societies’ Office last year.

“Our final total is 84 members for this year. Last year, our total figure after Clubs and Socs day was 60 so we are delighted with the large increase in membership,” said Chairperson Ruaidhri Moran.

The boost in members has also helped the party to carry out more activities and campaigns throughout the semester and for the future.

Moran said: “We have also been able to conduct campaigns on campus such as our “Speak Up” campaign that encouraged voter registration. We hope to run this campaign again in week five of semester two.”

Last Wednesday also saw a rise in the numbers joining various Clubs & Societies during Refreshers Day.

According to club member Martin Kenny, the Rock Climbing Club has been one of the many sports clubs that have enjoyed an increase of membership in the current academic year.

“There has been great improvement since last year. There have been over 300 people to sign up this year, compared to 240 last year.”

However some are still finding it difficult to entice students to join up to clubs. DCU Karate Club said their numbers have remained near the same for the last two years and they are disappointed that they haven’t been able to build up their membership.

The Ladies Rugby Club claimed they too noticed a decrease, with one of the main problems being that it is difficult to keep people interested for the year due to location issues.

Niamh Griffin, a member of the Ladies Rugby Club said: “We got a lot of people at the start but we had to travel far away for training so that put people off. We also lost half our team last year so it’s all about building the group up again.”

Emily Bodkin

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