University alumni inspire students at Careers Week talk

DCU Alumni and inspirational speakers Jim Moore and Michelle O’Donnell Keating addressed students on how best to chase their dream jobs in DCU recently.

Electronic engineering graduate Jim Moore advised those gathered on the importance of self-belief and to follow a personally desired route in life rather than simply fulfilling someone else’s wishes.

O’Donnell Keating, who holds a PhD in Political Economy and International Relations advised on students how to have the courage to identify and seize opportunities.

“Never say no straight away and don’t be afraid to take chances,” she encouraged those in attendance. “If you have a passion for something, it may be worth taking a risk for.”

Both of the successful former DCU students, who have worked in Europe and Australia respectively, also encouraged the current generation to travel.

Global Business students Sarah Kessler and Anna Bauer felt the speeches were highly motivating and recognised the significance of hearing the experiences of graduates lives after their DCU education.

Sonja Sjogren

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