Aisling’s Special Favourites

A few of Aisling Kett’s favourite things this fortnight…

Lykke Li – “Love Me Like I’m Not Made Of Stone”
If you only know Lykke Li as yer wan that sings ‘I Follow Rivers’ then you need to listen to her other material, as you are missing out my friend. Her third album ‘I Never Learn’ is dropping on May 5th but until then you can play this on repeat. A simple, pared back single accompanied by an intimate video from director Tarik Saleh. Haunting in the loveliest way, this just gets better every time.

Shopfronts of Dublin
Dublin is a city full of charm and characters but also some of the most beautiful buildings. Often the shopfronts are generic (or worse, tacky) high street designs but sometimes if you look up you’ll find fantastic architecture. If you don’t believe me, look at Penneys on Henry Street next time you’re in town. However, there are exceptions to that trend and Visit Dublin has photographed some of the best shopfronts of Dublin, from pharmacies to framers. Some are twee, some are eccentric, all are lovely.

Why We Rescue
Another issue, another piece about puppies. Oh well. This project by Theron Murphy is a year-long one across the 50 states of the USA. The photographer (with his coonhound Maddie) documents the story of one rescue dog and its owner in each state. It’s one of a number of recent projects that highlight adopting animals from shelters (another great one is Sarolta Ban’s ‘Help Dogs With Images’). Every video here is like a mini-documentary that are as much about the owners as their pets. The beautifully shot sequences capture the characters and that special, unquestionable love a dog has for its owner. Soppy but you know its true.

I dare you to watch this and not get emotional. Shot by Failte Ireland for the tourists to get them excited about Paddy’s Day this short video ignores the clichés and instead tugs at the heart making a video that’s more for the people who call this place, and those who once did. Edited like a series of animated postcards, it somehow perfectly captures the spirit of our Emerald Isle. Humorous and touching, the best bit is how positive it is about Ireland. While acknowledging the hardships of recent years it focuses on how we recovered rather than how we failed. It’s great to celebrate this little nation for once.


Aisling Kett

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