Graduate starting salaries at all-time low

Final year DCU students are weighing up their options for life after graduation as new research has revealed the average starting salary for a new graduate has fallen to its lowest point in ten years.

The average starting salary for newly-graduated employees in 2012 was less than €24,000, a drop of 11.7 per cent on the same figure for 2007.

Those who studied arts and architecture were worst hit, with arts graduates receiving an average pay of €19,748 in 2012.

A survey conducted last week by The College View found that just 26 of 73 students intend on seeking employment when their course concludes this year.

With one in four under-25 year olds in Ireland currently unemployed, a significant 40 per cent indicated they intend relocating to the UK for work when they finish at DCU.

Some 25 per cent of those surveyed intend on pursuing further studies to increase their career prospects, with over half stating they wouldn’t be happy to undertake a JobBridge internship if they were seeking work.

There was an almost even split between those who would choose to study the same or a different course were they starting over at DCU again.

One Law and Society student commented “our lecturers are approachable and encourage us to be our best”, while an International Relations student feels their course “just isn’t very job orientated”.

An anonymous student voiced their dissatisfaction with course hours, stating “in final year I have three lectures per week. I think this is pathetic”.

According to Union of Students in Ireland President Joe O’Connor, the body “is committed to working towards an end to the graduate employment crisis in Ireland”. The organisation recently launched their ‘Future Focus’ campaign on graduate employability and entrepreneurship.

Sarah Bermingham

Image Credit: USI

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