Is the best really about to get better? HTC One 2 (M8) is on the way…

With the release of the follow-up to the best smartphone ever made just around the corner HTC haven’t left a lot to the imagination as the HTC One Two, codenamed the M8, becomes one of the most leaked pieces of tech ever.

In 2010 an Apple employee left the then unreleased iPhone 4 in a coffee house in Cupertino, which saw him lose his job and make a laughing stock of Apple’s tight-lipped ‘until WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference)’ policy.

However the boffins over in HTC have outdone Apple yet again, this time for the worse.

The ‘M8’ or ‘One Two’ or ‘One 2014’ or whatever it will eventually be labelled as has been leaked in circumstances that would leave any manufacturer red-faced.

One of HTC’s top developers was allowed to bring the M8 about his daily life to test for bugs, seek improvement opportunities and develop an opinion of the hugely anticipated smartphone.

What the Taiwanese manufacturer may not have seen coming was the phone falling into the hands of the developer’s son’s hands.

The son, who is reported to be a special needs child, posted a 12-minute hands-on video of the device where every nook and cranny is made vibrantly visible.

The video shows the pictured phone from all angles revealing details of its finish size and comparison to the original One.

He establishes the date and gives a less than convincing reason for having the new One claiming he’s ‘sponsored’.

The leak story doesn’t stop there as a Twitter conversation between HTC’s Online Communication Manager Jeff Gordon and the leaker spilled over with Gordon making sure the young man was aware of the repercussions he would face.

For those of you wondering yes it is just as beautiful as the original.

Slight altercations to the original design but not enough to make it unrecognisable to One fans.

BlinkFeed makes a return and the screen jumps from a 4.7-inch screen to a larger 5 inch.

There’s an additional camera on the back that has been rumoured to deliver ‘refocusing’ after the shot has been taken.

Unlike the original there’s an SD slot right along the side for expanding memory taking it away from the Apple way of thinking.

And if that wasn’t enough leaked info for you a dummy unit packaged within the box has seen all the technical specifications for the phone leaked too. All that’s left to find out is the release date which I’m sure journalists at HTC’s launch on March 25th won’t know.

Despite the leaks, HTC seems to have learned from the success of the iPhone and has refused to leap away from the successful recipe. The M8 may not be a million miles away from the One but it is certain to be a massive hit amongst Android fans.

AsHotAs: The best phone ever…

Michael Cogley

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