SU ask students to vote yes for new student centre

As well as voting in the SU elections this Wednesday and Thursday, students will be asked to vote on funding a new four-storey student centre.

DCU Students’ Union are in talks with architects about the construction of a student centre that would be built as a four-storey extension to The Hub, in place of the Old Bar and conservatory space.

The current Old Bar will be demolished and the new facility will incorporate additional meeting rooms, rehearsal and performance spaces and storage area for all clubs and societies.

The wording on the ballot paper will ask students: ‘Do you wish for there to be an extension and reduction of the current Student Centre Levy in order to fund the building of a new extension to the DCU Student Centre The Hub?’

A Yes vote will reduce the levy from the current €38 to €35 and will extend the period of the levy for such a time as is necessary to repay the loan required to complete the building.
A No vote will mean the levy remains at the current €38 per annum until 2019 and there will be not be a redevelopment of the DCU Student Centre The Hub at this time.

SU Education Officer Ciaran O’Connor described the centre as a “non-commercial space where students can hang out”.

He went on to say: “Going on the current architectural plans we’ve seen there will hopefully be a rehearsing, performing space; there’ll be an SU space; and a tranquillity centre where students can go and just chill out. There’ll also be things like an entrepreneurial suite where students can go in with an idea and they’ll get advice on how to make that into a business.”

The Students’ Union are endorsing a “yes” stance for the vote. “If students vote no to the referendum then they’re effectively voting to keep the €38 per year levy with no new student centre,” O’Connor said.

Katie O’Neill and Aoife Mullen

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