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London Loves LA
Sisters Ella and Sophie run this online boutique of American vintage gems as well as their own design line. Think oversized t-shirts, varsity jackets and stonewashed denim shorts accessorised with bubblegum pink hair and flower crowns. Basically the perfect collection for the upcoming festival season. All clothes are sourced in LA for the simple reason that the sisters couldn’t find anything like them in the UK. Most items are reasonably priced and they ship internationally, though you do have to pay for delivery. Fun fashion in its finest form.

Polaroid portraits. Rick DeMint takes portraits using a Polaroid camera, some of celebrities and others of regular folk, then posts them on his Tumblr. To date, DeMint has photographed stars such as Tilda Swinton, Isla Fisher and Kevin Bacon. There are rules; the person most autograph the photo before it develops, no re-takes and only one person in the frame. Of course all of these have been broken (see the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site for the various ways) but that hasn’t stopped DeMint from creating a great collection of candid shots.

The Little Mermaid
News dropped last week that Sofia Coppola is to direct a new, action version of the classic Disney film. However those looking forward to a modern version of a childhood favourite will be disappointed as Coppola tends to lend a gritty style to her projects so expect this to be much darker than the cartoon version. Rumours are swirling that Emma Watson might take the lead role after working with Coppola on ‘The Bling Ring’ film but it is yet to be confirmed. Definitely one worth a trip to the cinema on its release though.

“We talk…a lot.” This has been running since 2009 but in case you haven’t heard of it, Banter is a series of talks on anything from homelessness and lack of rental properties to craft beers and Madonna. The talks are usually held in The Twisted Pepper but occasionally they relocate to some pretty cool spots. I went to one on Irish identity for Paddy’s Day and got to wander round the Freemason’s Hall which houses, among other things, a chapel and an Egyptian inspired room. All talks are free once you sign up so keep an eye on the website for the latest or follow organiser Jim O’Carroll on Twitter.

Aisling Kett

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