LiveBlog: The final Class Rep Council of the Year

The last Class rep council of the year is upon us and with the last two meetings not going ahead due to lack of numbers there is a lot go go through. Only three of the SU activity reports have been sent in head of time so the other members are invited to give theirs tonight. some of the motions today include a motion say the class rep council is ‘out of touch’.

18: 13 Sean Cassidy has asked Ian Kavanagh to clarify his statement to the College view about crc. Ian explains that he feels the crc get caught up in a lot of red tape and they it should focus on more broad issues and not get bogged down with smaller issues. On the exec reports. Ronan O’ Dalaigh mentioned that if the reports arent made twice we have to have a vote of no confidence.

18:16 The motion of ‘no confidence’ proposed by Ronan O Dalaigh is based on comments by Young Fine Gael that crc is bogged down but trivial issues and needs a restructuring. Sean Cassidy mentions how it seems unfair of people who do come to be able to comment. Ciaran beings up the structure of USI and suggests we could bring in something similar. Motion passed.

18:19 A motion to make sustainability a part of the SU constitution is proposed. The community garden and the new Hub developments are mentioned in the speech to support the motion for sustainability. “We need you to be role models” from Marianne the proposer of the motion. Arron has some questions. The wording is called into question, the ‘procurement’ of what is asked. And the reports would be submitted by the sustainability. Motion passed by majority.

18:25 This motion is to align DCU SU with the Palestinian people. The boycott is mainly a statement with no massive power “Its very symbolic”. Sean Cassidy asks how many members of council know the year Israel was founded. A handful of people have raised their hands. He proposes the question not be put as he feels the council isn’t informed enough. Ronan asks if he can speak against it. He asks for a discussion, but a motion has been proposed so it has to be voted on. Close vote. 20 vs 17 for the question not to be put.

18:30 Sean clarifies that it is not against Ronan. It is simply that he feels the crc isn’t informed enough. And it can have long term implications such as refusal to entry into Israel.

18:32 Motion to keep a record of the wording a dates of every motion. It will be kept by the three sabbaticals. Motion passed.

18:33 Motion by Sean Cassidy to include Union Protocols in the Class rep Council Standing Orders. It is a very long and complicated motion which details how DCU crc will relate to USI. Parts of the motion are duplicated and council voted to amend the motion. Motion passed.

18:36 The USI congress Protocol motion has been deferred. Sean says it “needs to be longer”.  Motion to include a bike shelter to between computing and engineering building. Motion passed but Ciaran has said that its likely they will be told there is one at the library. Jack Butterly’s motion for bike racks has been deferred as he isn’t here. It was also mention to keep on top of the query to the gym about the half fee for second semester.

18:40 Sean Cassidy is not going to give a report from the USI congress that was recently attended by the SU officers.

18:42 Aaron is making an announcement about the SU awards. There are four awards and there will be multiple awards in each category.

18:44 Aaron is also sending out the returning officers email about the election. Some points that were mentioned. Online voting will have to be looked at as the count took longer than the vote actually did. Training is going to be given at the start of semester for the electoral committee. The science block had a particularly big turn out this year. Its not a classic station but it was very successful. The email will be sent to all students tonight or tomorrow.

18:47  Sean is giving a background to what congress is and what it actually does. Ruairi Quinn gave a speech to delegation. Attendees for USI were the outgoing Sabbatical officers, the incoming sabbatical officers and Sean Cassidy. The motion book is “very thick”. Lorna was the first DCU delegate to speak on front of USI for 30 years. Ruairi Quinn apologized at USI for raising fees. Ideas that are applicable for DCU: positive attitude towards new speakers, speakers are timed, Procedural motion lists are at USI provided for everyone.

18:55  “There is a lot of planning that is going to be needed for [congress] next year” according to Sean Cassidy. Ciaran: “don’t be afraid to talk, don’t be afraid to add to the debate as that’s the only way to get things done.”

18:58 There will be a referendum on the labyrinth in the next few weeks according to Sean Cassidy. The returning officer has yet to pose the question.

19:00 Crc is closed.

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