The Northside Hangover comes to your rescue

Ever found the after affects of a big night out can make the inevitable walk to the shops seem like a trek to the end of the earth? A new business, ‘The Northside Hangover’ aims to tackle this problem, offering a delivery service to those too fear ridden to make the journey themselves.

The business has been set up by DCU graduate David Murphy (22) and hopes to replicate the success of similar businesses that have worked in other major university cities across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Of the idea for the business, David said, ‘all throughout college, people were always saying “oh it would be great if Mcdonalds delivered, or if Subway delivered” and there is already hangover services set up in Belfast, Glasgow and Edinburgh, so I basically just copied a successful idea’.

In a strategic masterstroke, the opening of the business coincided with national drinking holiday, St. Patrick’s Day weekend. David says ‘we got too many calls. Realistically we can only do four deliveries per hour. We were getting eight or nine call an hour. At the moment we only have one driver. Hopefully in the next few months we can expand and take on a few more drivers.’

A Southside version of the business was established last year, but has ceased operations since Christmas. Prior to this, ‘The Southside Hangover’ had received 32,000 likes on Facebook. In little over a week, ‘The Northside Hangover’  received over a 1,000 likes.

David is optimistic about competing with companies that already deliver. He explains ‘our niche is delivering from places that don’t deliver already. Places like Mcdonalds, Burger King and Subway. It would be stupid for someone to ask us to deliver from a place that already delivers their own food.’

Operating between ten and three, Saturday and Sunday, ‘The Northside Hangover’ will deliver from shops and take away outlets for a payment of €5. The business model also includes selling confectionary and soft drinks directly to customers. David estimates his start up costs were around €100.

The business covers the North Dublin city area, covering Drumcondra, Glasnevin, Finglas and into central Dublin as well.

‘The Northside Hangover’ can be reached by texting or calling 0899537699, or on their facebook page

Michael Sheils Mcnamee

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