The return of Made in Chelsea

The beautiful people of SW3 have been gracing our screens on a Monday night for almost three years now. Drama, awkward silences and Mark Francis’ endearing snobbery are always brought to the Instagram filtered forefront on this addictive reality show. What student wouldn’t enjoy living vicariously through the characters’ privileged lives for an hour every Monday night?

With series 7 kicking off last week, Twitter feeds and Facebook statuses about Made in Chelsea have already started doing the rounds. People have been speculating about the upcoming scandalous storylines that will unfold before our eyes in the next few weeks. Its following is something that is undeniably impressive. The show’s ratings are only getting better with an average of 1.1 million people tuning in each week, it picked up a Bafta for Best Reality and Constructed Factual programme last year, it has an iPhone game to its name, and has just been commissioned for a further two seasons with a few episodes being filmed entirely in New York City. Not too bad, eh?

The status of Binky and Alex’s relationship was the talk of the posh postcode as Alex was faced with cheating accusations and lothario Spencer offered his unsurprising insight, claiming “Monogamy’s quite rare nowadays.” Meanwhile, resident ‘ party boi’ Jamie Laing tried his utmost to win back his former beau Lucy Watson after a stint in Miami, chilling with some supermodels. All of these social mishaps were packed into just one episode; we can’t wait for the antics of the cast as well as the storylines to get even juicier.

Will you be following this series of Made in Chelsea? Will we finally see lothario Spencer Matthews get his comeuppance? Will Jamie and Lucy finally settle down? Mondays are about to get that bit more posh.

Niamh Doherty

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