Random acts of kindness raising funds for charity

RAG Ireland’s College Footprint Project has grabbed attention both nationwide and on campus since it kicked off earlier this month.

The 30 day challenge means registered members should do one good deed a day, take a photo of it, share it on social media using #CollegeFootprint and get sponsored.

The campaign was in the media spotlight recently when it featured on The John Murray Show on RTÉ Radio 1. “So far we’ve had a great response from the campaign,” said DCU RAG Society Co-Chair, Charlotte Lally and she said there was 180 sign ups from all RAG societies.

“Although it is primarily focused on third-level students it is open to all.” The idea was put into action by RAG Ireland and is being supported by colleges and RAG societies nationwide.

Participants ask for a euro to be donated to their personalised account for each good deed until April 30th. The goal is “to show the world you’re sound for a whole month and to gain a bit of positive karma in the mix” as well as raising funds for RAG Ireland.

“We would encourage fundraising if possible as the funds raised will be used by RAG Ireland to tackle diverse social problems such as mental health, poverty and supporting the elderly in communities all over the country,” she added.

Carmel Sayers is one DCU student taking part in the campaign. “I joined because I love the idea. And the fact it shows how much you can do for people in a short space of time.”

When asked what good deeds she’s done Sayers said “everything from smiling at strangers, putting parking ticket compliments on people’s cars, donated homemade pie to my neighbours alongside a bunch of other stuff.”

Martina Brophy

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