TCD provost refuses to discuss cuts with affected bodies

The head of Trinity College Dublin has refused to meet with student representatives to discuss proposed funding cuts to core groups within the university.

The student body is becoming increasingly hostile as the controversial re-branding initiative takes precedence.

Provost Patrick Prendergast will not meet with the heads of five capitated bodies, advising them to meet with his Vice Linda Hogan instead.

The bodies to which a funding cut of 3.75 per cent has been proposed are Trinity College Students’ Union, the Central Societies Committee, the Graduate Students’ Union, Dublin University Central Athletic Club, and Trinity Publications.

The decision to cut funding was made last June by the College Planning Group who are behind the costly re-branding initiative that recommends a name and logo change in an attempt to attract more international students.

TCD students are becoming frustrated with the Provost after it was revealed he spent over €3 million last year on consultancy fees. The proposed re-branding initiative will cost an estimated €100,000.

Trinity Students’ Union President, Tom Lenihan said he is very disappointed in the way the Provost has “let down” the students, claiming, “there was not one time this year when he consulted with students on anything.”

Last week, a petition was circulated between faculty, students, alumni and friends to oppose the planned alteration of the college’s name and coat of arms. The petition accumulated 1,300 signatures.

Freya Drohan

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