National Transport Authority installs bus information screens

Screens with real time bus information have been installed outside the Interfaith Centre, making long waits at the bus stop a thing of the past.

The timetables are part of a larger scheme to encourage eco travel throughout the university.

“The real time travel information displays are only a small part of the overall DCU strategy to support more sustainable transport to and from our campus,” said Chairperson of DCU’s Green Committee, Samantha Fahy.

DCU has 12,500 students and almost 1,300 staff on the main campus site, which makes it one of the largest generators of trips in North Dublin. DCU accounts for approximately 4 million journeys to and from its campus every year.

The university has committed to the implementation of a sustainability strategy, as part of the Strategic Plan 2012-2017. Core elements of the strategy will focus on transportation and the reduction of carbon emissions.

DCU joined the National Transport Authorities ‘Smarter Travel Campus Programme’ in September 2013.

The NTA made the suggestion of putting screens with real time information in DCU early last year. Such screens have already been installed other institutions.

“The NTA have covered the cost of the displays themselves and DCU covers the minimal running costs,” said Fahy.

The university is also looking to display more real time information throughout the college.

“We are also working with ISS and some individual units to have real time bus information displayed on TV screen across the campus. When resources allow, we will look to further improve transport information on campus.” said Fahy.

Other transport measures taken to support sustainability include the registration of DCU on, the Cycle to Work Scheme for staff, 400 bike parking spaces throughout campus, free showers for students an staff who walk or cycle to campus, and the GoCar initiative.

In the future, the scheme could see an increase of bus routes to and from the unversity.

“We are also working with the NTA to improve the Dublin Bus connectivity to DCU and understand from a recent letter from them that there will be some additional connectivity particularly along Collins Avenue from next September”, said Fahy.

Katie Coyle

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