Fame vs Family

In 2014, it would appear that there is nothing some people won’t do for their five minutes of fame. Never has this been clearer than this week, with aspiring glamour model Josie Cunningham’s shocking confession that she will undergo an abortion in order to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

During an interview with The Mirror, Cunningham confessed that fame was more important to her than the life of her unborn baby. The 23-year-old fame junkie claims that Channel 5 approached her about starring on the reality show, but were put off upon realising that she was pregnant.

The mother of two went as far as telling the newspaper, ‘an abortion will further my career. This time next year I won’t have a baby. Instead, I’ll be famous driving a bright pink Range Rover and buying a big house. Nothing will get in my way.’

Is Cunningham ruthless in her search for fame or just delusional and in need of help?

The majority of people online think it is the former. Countless celebrities and appalled members of the public have expressed their outrage, with one twitter user branding the situation, ‘a new low for humanity’. Glamour model and mother of two Nicola McLean, has spoken out vehemently against Cunningham. The former Big Brother star has sparked a war of words by tweeting, ‘Totally outraged reading about that stupid slag that wants an abortion so she can go on big brother. She doesn’t deserve children.’

Cunningham’s statements have clearly struck a chord with McLean, who publicly suffered a miscarriage last year. The statement also shows a flagrant disregard for any man or woman who desperately wants a child or has suffered a loss.

Over 6,000 people have signed an online petition urging Channel Five not to cast Cunningham, while viewers have also threatened to boycott the show if she appears.

It seems even Team Cunningham are against her appearance on the reality television show, with Cunningham’s manager Rob Cooper tweeting ‘I must be one of the only managers in the UK/World who is hoping one of their clients doesn’t get selected for a TV show.’ Doesn’t it say it all when someone in your own camp speaks out against you?

Josie first came to the public’s attention when it emerged that she had conned the NHS into paying for a breast enlargement in order to further her glamour modeling career. She then hit the headlines once again with the revelation that she had become an escort. This will be the third time the wannabe model has been heavily criticised in the media.

The most distressing part of this whole story is that if she does in fact choose to keep the baby, it will most certainly know that its mother was on the verge of giving it up for a shot at fame. If she doesn’t, her two children will know that their mother decided to have an abortion for her five minutes of glory. It truly is a lose lose situation.

However, it seems that Josie Cunningham will do anything for a place in the spotlight. A word of advice Josie, be careful what you wish for.

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