Over €2,000 raised in ESoc’s ‘Race to the Rebel County’

DCU’s Enterprise Society took part in their version of Jailbreak recently when the society carried out their ‘Beg Borrow Steal: Race to the Rebel County’ in aid of the Irish Cancer Society.

Chairman of ESoc, Dylan Kehoe and creator of the event says he wanted to create an innovative and unique idea to raise money for charity. “I wanted to introduce something that puts people out of their comfort zones to DCU and manages to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society in doing so,” he explained.

The event, which consisted of eight teams of two people, challenged students to make it from the Hub to Cork, with various other checkpoints in between, over the space of a day using none of their own money.

Each team had to raise at least €50 to join the race with a head start promised to those who had the most money generated prior to the event.

Emma Greene and Rachel McGrath claimed the head start resulting in their victory of the race with the team collecting over 700 euro between them.

“All our luck came at once in the last leg of the race because we managed to hitch a lift with the nicest man, who originally was meant to take us only half way to our final checkpoint … The guy was just as excited about the race as we were,” said the girls.

Over €2,200 was made on the day for the Irish Cancer Society with each team receiving donations from strangers along the way to the Rebel County.

“This year was a dry run to see how the event went, thankfully it was a marvellous success and it’ll be a staple event in the Esoc calendar going forward,” said Dylan who hopes that the event will expand to a European destination next year.

Emily Hawkins

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