What a year it has been

With the semester coming to an end and the good weather finally starting to appear, (during exams no less) it’s time to reflect on what kind of year we have had in DCU.

The last two semesters flew by in the blink of an eye but they definitely left their impressions and memories upon the student body. It seems that freshers’ fortnight was just underway, and now here we are, at the summer ball.

Now that the awards season is coming to an end, it is great to look back on all the brilliant moments that made the year. Such standouts include the “Anchorman” video that went viral and nights out like Shite Night which has become a staple of the DCU student’s weekly outings.

President elect Kenneth Browne spoke fondly of his campaigning in the recent student elections but told The College View that “one of my favourite events has to be DCU’s Best Dance Crew. I can’t think of any other event that pulls in students from so many different clubs and societies to the one place for the one cause. Everyone is stepping out of their comfort zone, trying something new and having a great laugh. I look forward to it next year.”

We’ve had so many great events throughout the year, like the Mock Wedding, RAG Relief (am I right?) and the Hybrids. Dramas and shows like “Cabaret”, “the Panto”, “Strictly Come DCU” and the MPS 24 hour broadcast, which raised over €5000 for Make-A-Wish Foundation, really show how much hard work and planning go into these events to make them so great.

Just last week the DCUfm 25 Hour Broadcast was underway. Aoife Duffy, co-host and a final year communications student, told The College View: “Working on the broadcast, although challenging, was a really rewarding experience. I loved getting to spend that much time in the studio and working on such a variety of shows.”

Exam season has hit the college and with it, it has brought tough times for most students. All-nighters, trying to make a deadline, and going to a crowded library are common features of this time. However once they finish, summer can finally begin and all the hard work leads to great celebrations.

Throughout the year we’ve had ups and we’ve had downs. We’ve had great nights and we’ve had Shite Nights. We’ve had controversies, falling outs and referendums that have come down to one single vote. We’ve had lazy sunny days in the park and we’ve had days were the rain just wouldn’t end. It has been eventful to say the least, full of highs and lows, but thankfully the good times have outweighed the bad.

Jordan Kavanagh

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